Saturday, November 6, 2010

North Dakota Legislators Look To Pass 'Stop Bullying' Legislation

North Dakota Legislators Look To Pass 'Stop Bullying' Legislation

In the wake of a 16-year who hung herself over what authorities believe was relentless cyber bullying, North Dakota lawmakers will step up their efforts to pass anti-bullying laws.

North Dakota is one of nine states that doesn’t have laws against bullying.

Meanwhile, the Kansas State Board of Education is considering whether there should be a statewide anti-bullying policy.

If you watch the nightly news or the local news, and since I'm OLD that's all I watch, you'll likely see a story about bullying.

In fact, stopping bullying is all the rage. It's the cause du jour especially for people who only show compassion when it's cool.

However, they're wrong. Bullying does not need to stop. Bullying is as natural for kids as acme, braces, and unexpected erections.

The kids killing themselves because they are "bullied" either have other, more serious problems, or they weren't "bullied." They were actually assaulted or the victim of some other crime.

To put it another way, the mainstream media is covering this issue incorrectly.  It's not a bullying issue, it's a criminal issue.

Kids will get bullied and kids will bully. It's the nature of things. There's the strong and there's the weak. The strong pick on the weak. It's humanity 101.

Besides, getting bullied is good. It toughens you up. All these efforts to stop bullying is just further proof that our society is becoming over feminized. That's just one of things you notice when growing old.

You learn valuable lessons from getting bullied and those lessons are indispensable once you grow old. After all, bullies exist in adulthood too (see SEIU members, DMV employees, Joy Behar, snow skiers, and MSNBC show hosts).

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